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According to the New York State Unified Court System Annual Report for 2022 over 46% of the Appellate Division cases were decided where argument was either not requested or allowed so it is imperative that good quality Record on Appeal and Brief material be filed with NYSCEF. Due to argument time restraints even the other 54% of the cases that were argued needed good quality Record on Appeal and Brief backup in order to achieve a successful outcome. A poorly prepared or incomplete Record on Appeal can significantly hinder the appellate court’s ability to understand the case and make an informed decision.

Get the Appellate Support You Need with Dick Bailey

  • Ensure complete and accurate information in your Record on Appeal and Briefs and that it conforms to written and unwritten rules of the Court
  • Confirm the required links from the Table of Contents to the corresponding pages of the Record on Appeal and Briefs are accurate and complete
  • Verify required links from the Table of Contents of the Brief to the case law
  • Guarantee proper page headings in the Record on Appeal, with no text skewing or obstructing other details on the page
  • Eliminate duplicate documents and include necessary citations in the Table of Contents concerning their duplication
  • Organize documents in the proper sequence within the Record on Appeal
  • Confirm the accuracy of required addendums, such as the Statement Pursuant to CPLR 5531 and Certification Pursuant to CPLR 2105
  • Receive a preview copy of the Record on Appeal in enough time to compose your Brief. Trust the appellate services of Dick Bailey, serving attorneys since 1966. Click this link to see what our satisfied clients have to say!

Filing a good quality Record on Appeal with NYSCEF is essential to ensure that the appellate court has all the necessary information to make an informed decision, increase the likelihood of success on appeal, and save time and money.

Revised June 28, 2018
Effective September 17, 2018

Local Rules of Practice of the Appellate Division, Fourth Judicial Department

Electronic Filing Rules for the Appellate Division Fourth Department