The Beginning is the most important part of the work

Dick Bailey Service started from humble beginnings back in 1966 when our founder, Dick Bailey was inspired by his experience working at a number of prominent New York City law firms to start a printing and appellate services company to serve the special needs of attorneys. As a family business which involved Dick’s five children, Richard, William, Edward, James and Carolyn, the company was laser-focused on delivering the best of class printing and appellate services for attorneys. As a result of their collective efforts, the business continued to grow and moved to successively larger facilities over the years. Conveniently based in Brooklyn, Dick Bailey continues the family tradition with a fourth generation of Baileys involved in serving the legal community.

While Dick Bailey is a much larger operation than it once was, it continues to maintain the rigorous standards set by Dick over 50 years ago. Instead of typewriters and presses, we now employ state of the art computers, scanners and software to create the best possible work product for our attorney clients.