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Serving the legal community since 1966, Dick Bailey Service’s team of professionals provides a wide range of high precision appellate services to the legal community.

Our experienced team has in-depth knowledge of appellate-related issues and can assist attorneys with a wide range of services including printing, scanning, binding, document review, e-records and consultations on procedural rules. We back up our appellate expertise and quality work product with the highest level of client service and support.

“We’re more than an appellate printing company, we’re a team who appreciates the legacy behind our family business. Everyone at Dick Bailey Service has the “How Can We Help?” attitude. We are dedicated to ensuring our customers are successful and satisfied.”

– Lynne Bailey

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Our team offers procedural
appellate consultation
for any court in the nation.

Knowledge of court’s
written rules and clerk’s internal
unpublished procedural rules.

At Dick Bailey, We are Committed to Your Success

Celebrating Over 50 years of excellence, Est. 1966As an appellate practitioner you know all too well that there can be no holes in your argument or flaws in your brief, and meticulous preparation is paramount to success.

At Dick Bailey Service we have nearly over five decades of experience helping attorneys create and assemble all necessary appellate documents in accordance with specific court rules. We obsess over the seemingly minor things like margins, pagination and formatting so you can focus on the real matter at hand – helping you obtain the best possible outcome for your client.

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