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  • Highest quality digital printing/scanning, binding of Briefs, Records/Appendices
  • Document review and preparation: indexing, pagination, headers, notices, stipulations
  • Prepare appellate certifications Note of Issue, Argument Time Request, Statement of no other Opinion
  • Tables of contents and/or tables of authorities
  • Perfect-Binding
  • Tracking of  calendaring/due dates, oral arguments, and decisions
  • In-court work: subpoena services/transmittal of records; document retrieval
  • Knowledge of court's written rules and clerk's internal unpublished procedural rules
  • Experienced team offering procedural Appellate consultation for any Federal/State court in the nation
  • Reproduce, bind, serve and file all appeal documents; and
  • Comply with all electronic filing requirements.
  • E-Records & Briefs:
  • OCR and convert to searchable PDF
  • Hyperlink Table of Contents to Record/Appendix and Brief content
  • Hyperlink Table of Authority to Brief content
  • Prepare Record/Appendix for ECF Filing
  • ECF Filing

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